Thursday, October 20, 2011

New GREEN Latex Ink Technology

We are proud to formally announce on our blog, the addition of our HP large format latex printer and laminator combo !!! This new printer outputs amazing 1400dpi quality prints, utilizing environmentally friendly latex inks. No fumes, no vapors, no chemicals ! All of this, with no loss of quality or durability. This printer is extremely versatile. The laminator allows us to protect the prints with a 3M matched component system that is tried and true. The best quality and durability on the market. We try to give you nothing but ...

We can not only do graphics, decals and wraps ... but can also do large banners, poster prints, photographic films, wallpapers and textured graphic films that will apply to painted cinderblock and brick walls ! Whatever it is you are looking for ... we've got you covered ... in vinyl ! Our new printer also comes along with our new Graphtec plotter, that will do accurate print to cut decals in any shape. These new pieces of equipment allow us to do bigger
and better things with your graphics. Our specialty, still being lettering trucks and vehicles, is that much more enhanced with the quality of image and versatility of what we can now do. We can wrap almost anything with a smooth painted surface ... even sometimes on a heavily textured surface. We do it all. Please visit or website, send us an email or give us a call ... we are waiting and happy to help you. You will not be disappointed !!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

So here we are, barely into July, and we have already hit record setting heat here in Virginia ! What might August bring ? It's the first time in Richmond I have seen 104 degrees ! Despite the crazy heat, it is summer time and many folks are enduring the heat to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Do you have an event upcoming that may need signs, banners or lettering ? We can surely help and make sure your event has a professional appearance and can also help you with wayfinding to drive the people to your event. Where else do people spend their time in the summer ? Well on the water, of course ! If you are a boater, whether it be fishing or pleasure, we can produce and apply any kind of boat graphics for you, including full color wraps. Be the envy of your dock mates ! You can even ride in style to the dock in a golf cart with a custom themed wrap. Naturally, since everyone is out and about, vehicle advertising can be a big winner for publicity. We specialize in ANY kind of vehicle lettering and wraps and we've got you covered for years with high quality 3M and Oracal vinyl products. Having problems selling land or commercial property ? Let us help with high visibility signage that will help drive prospective buyers. Many signs pay for themselves with just a few phone calls ! Don't forget, we can dress up your commercial buildings as well with custom painted graphics or 3M textured wall graphics and catch attention by turning your building into a landmark. Don't hesitate to contact us get your free estimate today and see what we can do for you !